Robert Pattinson's a lonely guy

Robert Pattinson admits life as a movie star can be a little lonely.

The Twilight hunk, whose new film Water For Elephants is out today, loses touch with his pals because he’s away so much. But it does make life simple.

‘I was thinking the other day that no one ever rings me up,’ says Rob, 24.

‘No one ever asks me to do anything, so it’s kind of easy.

‘But when I’m not working, I’m still one of those people who calls up every name in his entire phone book to say: “Hey, what you doing? Are you doing anything tonight? Can I come with you?”‘

Rob dates Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, 21, but when she’s not around he’s found a companion to keep him company.

‘I decided I needed a dog,’ he tells Metro.

‘He’s a kind of mix of everything. He looks like a hyena.

‘He’s a cool little thing and really relaxing to have around.’

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