The X Factor singer Cher Lloyd's style is ever-changing

It’s getting hard to keep up with Cher Lloyd‘s ever-changing hairstyle – she’s dyed her bob brown.

When we first saw her at The X Factor auditions, the singer had long brunette locks, but since the TV talent show ended she’s experimented with a number of different cuts and colours.

Cher, 17, who’s recently been sporting a bright red bob, has now opted for a more natural and sophisticated look. 

‘Back to my brown hair :),’ she Tweeted on Monday.

Cher, who’s recorded tracks for her new album with, recently admitted she likes to stand out from the crowd.

‘I want to go for something completely different,’ she told Wonderland magazine.

‘I’d just like people to see me as me. What’s the point in comparing?’

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Esme Riley