People are outraged by the news that Oscar Pistorius will serve only one year in jail after killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

Twitter has exploded following news that former Olympian and Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, who was imprisoned for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last year, is due to be released on parole next Tuesday. The sportsman, who is a double amputee, will serve the remainder of his five year sentence under house arrest, a South African parole board has confirmed.

The world has been quick to post their reactions to the Oscar’s anticipated release, with many considering the short jail time to be seriously disproportionate to his crime:

Others have slammed the South African authorities for allowing Pistorius to spend such a short time in jail.

While Oscar managed to avoid a longer sentence by being found guilty for ‘culpable homicide’, or ‘manslaughter’ (for which, as in the UK, there is no minimum sentence in South Africa), rather than murder, the case’s prosecution have argued that he should have been charged the latter. There is an appeal due to be held on November 3, to decide whether the charge will be changed.

Although Oscar is expected to continue a course of psychotherapy while under house arrest, some feel Oscar has shown no guilt for killing his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, a small majority feel that there is no practical issue with Oscar, who is severely disabled, remaining at home:

But the overwhelming feeling seems to be that Oscar’s imminent release from prison is an outrage, with another person pointed out that the court’s lenience is disrespectful to the family Reeva left behind.

Only time will tell whether Oscar is allowed out on house arrest or whether the decision is repealed, as it was last August. Watch this space.

Francesca Specter