Churches in America use the band's songs instead of hymns

Churches in the US have started a trend of using U2 songs in services.

A Communion service – dubbed the ‘U2charist’ because it’s driven by the music of singer Bono and his U2 bandmates – is catching on at around 150 Episcopal churches across the country.

Worshippers sing, dance and clap to Bono’s tunes such as Pride (In The Name Of Love), while reading lyrics from altar screens.

Churchgoer Bridgette Roberts, 15, who goes to the U2charist at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Briarcliff Manor, New York says: ‘It makes you feel warm inside. Usually at church, you love Jesus and everything. But this way you can express how you feel.’

A spokesman said U2 was rehearsing and unavailable for comment.