Wayne's girl reckons she was a real-life geek

Coleen McLoughlin has confessed that she was once a real-life Ugly Betty.

The trendy WAG says she used to look just like the frumpy fashion secretary who’s teased by her colleagues on the hit Channel 4 show.

Scouser Coleen, 20, says: ‘Like Betty I wore braces and glasses when I was younger. I wore glasses from the age of seven and then my brace was put in when I was 13. But at the time loads of other girls wore braces so I didn’t feel embarrassed.’

Coleen, who’s engaged to Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney, 21, says she grew out of her geeky look but still has to work at her appearance.

After over-indulging over the Christmas period, she hit the gym and beauty salon to get into shape at the start of the year.

‘After taking a break over Christmas, I’m working with my trainer twice a week,’ she says. ‘I still do my fitness video from time to time, but I find it odd to watch. It makes me cringe!’