It looks like The X Factor's Jake Quickenden has a little bit of explaining to do

Oh, Jake Quickenden, you are a naughty boy!

We know you love a flirt, we know you love to charm, but you have certainly got some explaining to do when you get out of that Aussie jungle (and perhaps find your missing shirt!)

According to reports Jake’s ex-girlfriend Victoria Skerrow didn’t realise her four-year relationship with Jake was over until she turned on the TV and saw him on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Victoria, 24, had agreed to have two-week break from The X Factor star but didn’t think they were over for good. She was then horrified to read him saying ‘I am currently single,’ and flirt up a storm with the likes of Nadia Forde, Kendra Wilkinson and Melanie Sykes.

A friend of Victoria said: ‘Victoria agreed to a break from Jake for a couple of weeks because she needed space. Then he turned up on I’m A Celebrity […] to say she was upset was an understatement. He may want to stay friends but I’m not sure she’ll be able to after the way he so publicly dumped her.’

But Jake’s mum, Lisa, has said he’s free to do whatever he wants in the jungle because she believed he was single and he and Victoria were over for good, because they didn’t have time to see each other and make their romance work.

Talking about whether or not he would have a jungle fumble, she said: ‘He can have a snog if he wants.’

And talking about when him and Victoria’s split she admitted: ‘I think they’re both very much career-minded. Tori had already moved to Essex, which is an awful long way from Scunthorpe.’

She added they had no time to spend together with him going from The X Factor to I’m A Celebrity…

‘He’s only go Christmas Day off. So he’s never going to have the chance to see her. And he wanted more for her,’ she added.

So will Nadia have Christmas Day off too? Will she be over at the Quickenden’s for turkey dinner and stuffing?

Watch this space….

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