Television presenter Ulrika Jonsson, 52, has revealed that during her lowest period she wondered whether she should ask her husband Brian to have a sexual relationship outside of her marriage.

The Swedish former model suffered from severe side effects of the menopause and craved intimacy, but only had sex with her husband once in 8 years.

Days before her 50th birthday, she considered asking her (now ex) husband whether she could seek fulfilment elsewhere.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Ulrika discussed, with great honesty, the impacts of the menopause on her sexual desire, and encouraged other women to be honest about it too.


She wrote: “Standing in my kitchen, staring out onto the garden where family and friends would join me to celebrate my 50th birthday later that week, overwhelming sadness gave way to a wild and desperate thought: should I ask my husband for permission to seek sexual intimacy elsewhere?”

However, she was clear that “it was a fleeting notion”, and “infidelity was an act I knew full well I would never actually embark on, let alone seek Brian’s permission to pursue”, but the idea was “born out of deep hurt and frustration” over her sexless marriage.

“At that point almost four years had passed since we’d last had sex — something that had happened spontaneously, and very enjoyably, after a four-year drought. I remember feeling great relief afterwards, convinced this meant our sex life was back on track. But it wasn’t.”

She revealed she had no idea why the intimacy between them broke down, saying: “We never made love again, which is something that remains incredibly perplexing to me, not least because I’ve never got to the bottom of why. Sadly, our marriage irretrievably broke down six months later, ending in divorce this summer.”

The heartbreak of the situation was really felt by Ulrika, considering how much she loved her former husband.

“After two failed marriages,” she wrote, “I truly believed I’d found the man with whom I would grow old, and that while our sex life would naturally slow down over the years, we’d remain intimate, one way or another, into our dotage.”

However, the menopause caused her lots of issues, and Ulrika said she “began to turn in on myself, becoming horribly anxious while suffering from terrifying memory loss and crippling insomnia.”

Her husband was unfortunately less than sympathetic and “showed no concern”.

Words by Caitlin Butler.