The Palace has released details of all the royal gifts received last year - and Prince George got nearly 800!

As Prince George enjoyed his first year of the royal high life – and visited more countries than some of us will in our entire lives with parents Prince William and Kate Middleton – nations across the globe showered the little cutie with gifts – 774 to be exact.

But none of this normal, useful stuff for our favourite royal baby. Don’t be silly.

We’ve picked out seven of the weirdest, most wonderful gifts Wills and Kate‘s bubba received and we can confirm that there was not a car seat, blanket or Farley’s rusk in sight – seriously, did no one think to buy the boy a Trunkie or a copy of The Hungry Caterpillar?

Obviously not, because who needs practicality, when you’ve got an amphibious boat and a giant wombat?

Here’s our list:

1) A possum skin cloak – Hmmm. What do you get the cute little toddler who has everything? Obviously, the only answer is a poncho crafted from the skin of a dead rodent. One of 603 presents he was given in Australia during their tour Down Under in April. We appreciate the consideration that the Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation paid to our arctic British climate, but it would kind of feel like gorgeous George was wearing a dead hamster and, well, dead hamsters are just not cute.

2) Teeny, tiny graduation robes – We want to know if this gift from St Andrew’s – the university where the little Prince’s parents met – came complete with a mini mortarboard? Some miniature things are just adorable: mini cupcakes, micro pigs, Arianda Grande…but a miniature academic gown? It’s creepy, and all a bit too Severus Snape for our liking. Somebody get the kid a baby gro!

3) A giant wombat – Every child needs a cuddly toy. And why shouldn’t it be a fluffy marsupial ten times the size of your own head? Well, they have got the space. We wonder what George called the toy after receiving it from the Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove in Sydney?

4) A speedboat/car – Of course, any self-respecting prince wouldn’t be seen dead travelling with mum and dad. Now the one-year-old (!) prince can cruise from land to water in style – something we’re sure mummy Kate is absolutely thrilled about! Just keep away from those swans, Georgie. We wouldn’t want to have to tell Granny about any little accidents!

5) A mini BMX – Because the grounds of Buckingham Palace are absolutely filled with skate ramps. Who knows? We might see the future King showing off his extreme sports skills on London’s South Bank some time in the near future.

6) A Polo mallet – OK. So this might actually come in useful one day if he follows in his uncle, Prince Harry‘s polo champ footsteps and the image of Prince George and his chubby little legs perched on top of a humungous horse really is quite adorable. But in the meantime, what the blimmin’ heck is Kate meant to do with it? Put it in the garage? Do Duchesses even have garages?

7) Swimming cap – We’re all about protecting those gorgeous blonde locks, but nobody wants to be the kid at school swimming lessons with luminous yellow rubber stretched over his head. Even if you ARE the future King.

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