The Saturday's star Una Healy has spoken out about her battle with postnatal depression, urging other mothers to do the same.


The Saturday’s star Una Healy has revealed a previously unspoken about battle with postnatal depression in a bid to raise awareness and support for the diagnosis.

Una, who is mother to two children Tadhg and Aoife Foden with husband of five years Ben Foden, has revealed a battle with postnatal depression- which began after the arrival of her youngest child, two-year-old Tadhg. 

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Speaking with Press Association, 35-year-old Una reveals: ‘When I had Tadgh, I had a touch of PND, something I didn’t experience when Aoife was born’.

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The Saturday’s singer continues, ‘It was a lonely time and I wasn’t helping the situation…I was moving to a new house, Ben had suffered an injury at work and I also jumped back into work quicker than I did when I had Aoife. I thought I would be fine, and could do it all because I’d had a child before’.

Una then explained how she began to put pressure on herself as a mother- ‘[I] started to feel alone and withdrawn… All this added up, and finally I went to my GP who diagnosed post natal depression. I was offered medication but having tried both, preferred the cognitive therapy route’.

Speaking of how she overcame her battle with PND, Una explains that she began attending a Water Babies class, a charity which runs swimming classes for babies and toddlers and allows new mothers to meet one another.

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Una shares, ‘This is why going to Water Babies was so helpful for me. Not only is it a vital life skill for children, but it gave me the opportunity to speak to other mums who were all going through the same issues I was’.

Urging other mothers who think they might be suffering with postnatal depression to seek support, Una then adds: ‘feeling sad, lonely or isolated shouldn’t be a taboo, it’s a normal part of being a new mum’.

We really admire Una’s candid openness on such an important topic. If you’re looking for more information on postnatal depression, click *here*.

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