But he thinks a visit would be good for his long-term career

George Sampson has denied he’s planning to quit the UK.

The Britains Got Talent winner wants to develop his skills in the States with the top breakdance trainers – but that doesn’t mean he’s packing his bags.

‘I think America has the best dancers in the world and I could learn a lot over there,’ he was reported as saying in this morning’s Sun.

‘Ive got plenty of time to be in the spotlight and be famous later in life. I want to be the best at what I do and a move to the US could be great for my long-term career.’

But in his online blog, George insists he’s staying in Britain.

‘If you have read the papers today you would have seen that it said I wanted to move to America to build my career, but don’t worry!’ he writes.

‘Yes, I have always wanted to visit the US and would like to go over there someday for a trip…but I am not going to be moving there! I love my home way too much and I will all miss my family, friends and all of you of course! You’re stuck with me guys lol!

‘Tonight I am going to a Halloween party which is hosted by my dance crew, A2AA, which I’m really excited about! It will be a lot of fun and be great to hang out with my crew! You never know, I might even do a little dance too : )’ 

Since winning Simon Cowell’s talent show, George, 15, has become a teen idol and thrilled audiences with a guest stint in West End show Into The Hoods.

He is due to perform in front of Prince Charles at the Royal Variety Performance on 10 December.

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