Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson has revealed the TRUTH about that ring...

Say what you like about the lovely Marnie Simpson, but don’t tell the Geordie Shore star she’s engaged. Because she really won’t like it.

So, you may have noticed this week that Geordie Shore’s Marnie posted a snap to Instagram. Now, this *would* have been no biggie (except, of course, for the fact that she looks like an ANGEL) if it wasn’t for the massive rock on her ring finger….

Que the ‘is she engaged?!’ pandemonium…

Captioned ‘Brown baby’, many fans were quick to comment on the snap- with messages reading, ‘How come she has ring on wedding finger’, ‘OMG is she engaged’ and ‘Omg…engaged???’.

Could it be that Mr Aaron Chalmers, Marnie’s on/off Geordie Shore boyfriend, had popped the question?! Were mini-Maaron’s en route?!

In short- no.

After much speculation, Marnie then took to Twitter to share that she was definitely not engaged…. because the ring was *actually* on her left hand, and the mirror reflection had flipped it. A

nyone else feeling a teeny tiny bit dim that we didn’t clock on to this?!

Quoting a tweet, 24-year-old Marnie writes ‘It’s on my RIGHT hand. use your brain. Please. It’s taken in a mirror so it’s therefor the opposite way around’. 

Darn it.

It could have been slightly plausible however (if, of course, it wasn’t for the whole mirror thing *ahem*), as it looks like things are currently on for Marnie and Aaron.

In fact, the 24-year-old has been sharing a lot of pictures to Instagram of herself and 25-year-old Aaron recently…

A post shared by Marnie Simpson (@marniesimpson) on

So cayooooooot!

The couple called time on their relationship after last series, with Marnie accusing Aaron of cheating on her.

However, Aaron strongly denied that this was the case- sharing ‘I would never hurt or cheat on Marnie if we were together, but what am I supposed to do when she is telling me we are not together…we were both SINGLE’.

Alice Perry