Déja Vu actor longs for perfect pecs

Actor Val Kilmer, 47, dreams of having a terrific torso just like Brad Pitt’s. But he’s not prepared to put in the hard work.

‘I tried buying my way into a great body, paying Brad Pitt’s trainer so I could get the abs Brad had in Troy,’ he says, ‘but I’m afraid I can’t do it. I hate going to the gym.’

Something he did enjoy was getting out of shape for his part of Philip of Macedonia in Alexander, a film directed by Oliver Stone, a couple of years ago.

‘I told Oliver I thought I should look like a big bear,’ he recalls. ‘He said, ‘”Great”, so I sat around the pool with Angelina [Jolie] eating ice cream.’

That was the fun part, but then Val started to suffer.

‘Everything hurt, I felt as if I was pregnant. I made noises just getting out of bed and thought I’d never have sex again.’

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Anna Taylor