The High School Musical star is nothing like her character on Spring Breakers

Vanessa Hudgens played an out-of-control teen in Spring Breakers but in real life she insists she is about as far from wild child as its possible to be.

‘It’s not my kind of thing, the Spring Break thing,’ the 24-year-old says. ‘If I want to go crazy I’ll drink a bottle of wine and listen to really loud music at home. That’s pretty much it.’

Despite that, the High School Musical star admits to Metro she has two tattoos – and she does like to party occasionally.

‘I do love a good rave,’ Vanessa admits. ‘I really love good music, so throw me in a room with some really loud music and some cool lighting and I am a dancing queen.

‘I’m a musical festival junkie.’

Well, that’s a relief, Vanessa!

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