Shamed TV presenter apologises for his actions...


Vernon Kay apologised to wife Tess Daly for sending saucy texts to 5 women on his  Radio 1 show

‘I’ve disappointed and let down a lot of people,’ he said. ‘To my family and everybody, I’m very sorry.’

Vernon also told a newspaper last week: ‘In some ways I’m glad this story has come out. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

‘I knew it was getting silly. I’m never going to do it again and hopefully I can clear the slate clean and start again. I’m so sorry.

‘I’ve been an idiot and I’ve let my family down. I’ve only done this with four or five girls and I’ve known them all well – they’ve been friends or work colleagues.

‘I know a single guy can get away with things like that, but I’m married and I understand this is off limits.

‘They would always start off pretty innocent with some banter, like you’d talk in the pub. I’ve got a lot of female friends who I text a lot – people I’ve known for years, from college or university.

‘Sometime I’d say: “I saw you last night and your dress was sexy.” But sometimes I’d get an inkling that it was going in a different direction and the fool in me would go down that road.

‘I can’t tell you why I do it. It just happens and the stupid and daft person in 
me lets it carry on. It would be showing off to the lads. I’d say: “Look what I just got sent.” 
I suppose it’s like fantasy land, just words…

‘Part of me says Tess was suspicious on a couple of occasions.

‘I think she may have seen some of the more harmless ones. I did think I should be careful, but you don’t think it will escalate.

‘I’ve got the most beautiful family and I’m embarrassed that I’ve put them through this. I’ll do whatever it takes to resolve the situation. I’m so sorry.’

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