Vern enjoys golfing as much as texting blondes

Vernon Kay has come a long way from cleaning phone boxes in Bolton.

After becoming a model, he began his TV presenting career and now he and wife Tess Daly, 38, mix with all the stars. 

‘You end up in the most weird and surreal places,’ Vern, 35, told Now. ‘I went to Dennis Hopper’s house once to see his art collection.

‘You get to meet a lot of people you admire. I’m a big music fan, so I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of my idols, like the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

‘I’m also a big fan of golf, so I get to meet golfers like Tiger Woods.’

The pair turned out to have a lot in common.

‘He hit me up for tips,’ quipped Vern. ‘Have you seen me on the green?’

Alison Tay

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