Vicky Pattison regrets fling with Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle...

Vicky Pattison really knows how to keep us
guessing about her love life. And boy, will she live to regret her recent
drunken fumble in the Geordie Shore house.

Calling it an ‘all time low’, Vicky, was filmed in bed with her cast-mate and notorious lothario Gary Beadle
in the final episode of the hit MTV show last night.

She’s already snogged him once this series while ‘mortal’ drunk but to end up in bed with him after fellow Geordie Shore girls Charlotte Crosby and Marnie Simpson have already been there… Vicky, what were you thinking?! 

She shared the same sentiment and
instantly regretted her late night, erm, cuddles with Gaz, which happened waaaay before she got
together with her new man, James Morgan.

The morning after, Vicky said, ‘I’ve
woken up this morning in bed with Gary, this is an all-time personal low. I
can’t believe it!’

A little too late, love.

The banter began earlier in the evening
when the couple ended up flirting in the hot tub on the group’s last night in
the house, before taking things to the next level.

‘I’m sitting in the garden with
Gary,’ Vicky said. ‘Why the f**k am I even in the garden on me own
with Gary anyway? I thought I was mortal, not f**king mental.’

Clearly regretting their night together, Vicky added, ‘What are you doing you stupid slag? That’s f**king Gary!’

But Gaz ticks it off as just another
conquest. He said, ‘Everyone’s gone to bed and it looks like I’m going to
bed as well… with Vicky. I never thought I would ever hear the words Gaz,
and shag pad in the same sentence.’


Of course, Gaz used to date one
of Vicky‘s BFF Charlotte who was totally baffled by the encounter.

Charlotte said, ‘What the hell? I thought
they hated each other!’

Gaz admitted the couple only ‘tashed on’ – snogged – but that was enough to make Vicky seriously question her sanity and taste in men!

With Gaz promising he’ll ‘buck’ Vicky next time in the house – thank goodness she looked horrified at the prospect of that – we can’t wait for the next series already!

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