Whatever your shape or size, Now’s spoken to Vicky Pattison to find out how she makes it…or fakes it…when it comes to getting bikini ready

‘Being in a bikini is so hard,’ Vicky Pattison admits to Now when we quiz her on where she gets her confidence from. ‘I feel the pressure like most women, I get palpitations and I get nervous.’

But somehow, Vicky manages to get past it and she wants you to do the same. So here are her three top tips to feeling your best on the beach. Without too much effort…

Take time to choose your swimsuit

‘You should never panic buy a swimsuit. Changing rooms are the scariest place in the world for some women. You need to take your time and try whatever you like on. Don’t be afraid to take in different sizes and styles – try a one piece, go high legged – try them all to work out what suits you. Although it’s scary in front of the god awful lighting they have in some shops, it’s priceless because you’ll feel happy with what you get and will feel more confident – that’s where it all starts.’


Get a good spray tan

‘I think everyone looks a size smaller when they’re tanned and bronzed. Do <not> bake in the sun or spend hours on sunbeds before you go away, just get a spray tan. Natural sun takes <ages> to get a colour on you anyway and there’s loads of better stuff you go can do on your holiday – like having a holiday romance or visiting the national penis museum. Don’t lie around wasting your holiday!’

Vicky Pattison

Get rid off your excess hair

‘Make sure you shave! When you’re fuzz free you feel sexier. Personally, I feel more aerodynamic.’