You go girl!

Lesson 356731 to NOT mess with Vicky Pattison: that girl has the brains to go with the… everything.

It’s GCSE results day and to help her 16-year-old fans get through one of the most terrifying days of the year, she sent a message to them: ‘Huge good luck to everyone receiving their results today!!! Smash it! I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly’

Apparently it’s a rule on the internet, however, that if a woman says anything you must do whatever you can do bring them down. Cue this clown, who replied to the nice Tweet with: ‘Ye like I mean you did bad and look at you?! Paid for drinking and shaggin’

For anyone else, that might have hurt. But Vicky Pattison is wearing an armour of her own receipts.

Hitting back, she said: ‘I got 12 GCSE’s, 5 A Levels and a degree… So shushy now little boy.’

YAAAAAS slay Queen of the Jungle. Though she is forgetting a best selling book as well…

Yaaas Queen Broad City Reaction gif


This isn’t the first time Vicky Pattison has fought back against the online trolls. Not only has she spoken out for pro-body positivity for women – and said that women should support each other – she even took down former Big Brother star Luke Marsden.

The reality star had the misfortune of labelling her best friend ‘boring’ and after a series of Tweets utterly destroyed his existence.

He attacked her book, she replied that ‘everyone should read a times number one best seller.’

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And when he went personal (after she called him a failure) and said ‘Yes that failure feeling is enough to make anyone gurn!’

She hit back: ‘Here he is! Cheap shots fired by Mr ‘I turn on Wigan’s Christmas lights every year’… Bore off you nonentity.’

Moral of the story? Never mess with Vicky. She is the Queen.