Uh-oh - Vicky Pattison has got some harsh words for her old Geordie Shore co-stars

Vicky Pattison definitely doesn’t have any regrets about leaving Geordie Shore – and she doesn’t miss her old co-stars much either.

The 27-year-old star bowed out of the reality show in series nine last year after feeling that she’d outgrown the gang’s wild antics. Whilst calling her departure ‘heartbreaking, like getting a divorce from someone you still care about’, Vicky is pleased she did it.

‘Had I stayed any longer, I was going to become that miserable old cow in the corner, whose only comments were: “They’re all a set of t**ts,”‘ she explains.

‘There’s only so long I can call everyone else bellends, before people start going: “Hold on a second, you’re the bellend here.”

‘So I think I got out at the right time while the show was still successful.

Vicky has enjoyed being able to spread her wings since leaving the show and is glad that she’s not been pigeonholed by it.

‘I’m not “Vicky from Geordie Shore“. Now I’m “Vicky Pattison, who did Geordie Shore once,”‘ the Newcastle lass says.

Now that she’s free of the programme Vicky isn’t afraid to make a bit of a dig at her old castmates either.

‘I think a lot of the cast allow the show to define who they are,’ she confesses. ‘And that would kill us if that was me, because I reckon I’ve got more to give.’

Cheeky! Comments like that won’t do anything to stop the rumours of a feud between Vicky and certain stars of the show, including Charlotte Crosby and Marnie Simpson.

Vicky admits that it’s been tough when her former co-stars have slated her but she still has fond memories of them.

‘It’s hard to hear anyone say bad things about you, especially after living with people who you’ve built some sort of relationship with,’ she tells Fabulous magazine.

‘What I would say is: it’s perfectly understandable. They’re all very precious when it comes to Geordie Shore because it’s their life, it’s their livelihood and that’s fine. I wish them all the best of luck.

‘I know a lot of fans were saying the show was going to be nothing without me and that must hurt. It’s not true, either, by the way. Geordie Shore is a beast and it’s bigger than any of us.

‘I’ve not got a bad word to say about them and it’s a shame that’s not reciprocated. As far as I’m concerned, our relationship will never change. I lived with them and loved them for years and they’re all lovely girls.’

Vicky‘s next comment really takes the biscuit though.

‘Well, not all of them [are lovely],’ she says. ‘There’s no point lying – some of them are right knobs.’

OUCH! Over to you, Geordie Shore girls!

Vicky‘s new show Judge Geordie starts on Wednesday 3 June at 9pm on MTV.

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