Vic tells us all!

Geordie babe Vicky Pattison opens up to Now about her and fiancé John’s baby plans

Hi Vicky! How are you?

I’m in Ibiza at the moment, which is lush. I’ve been working shooting photos, but doing fun stuff too. I’ve been down to Cotton Beach Club and we’ve had dinner at STK as well. 
I couldn’t be happier out here.

Do you get nervous before 
a sexy photo shoot?

I’m just a normal girl and I have days where I look in the mirror and think: ‘Oh God, just let 
me put on a big T-shirt and go back to bed!’ But confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. By the end of the shoot,
 you can’t get me away from 
the camera.

I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn't love myself…. @johnnoblejn never leave me 💛

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Do you have any pre-shoot rituals to make you 
feel more confident?

I’ve come to terms with my body and I’ve realised that 
I’m a size 8-10, with big boobs and a big bum. I’m never 
going to be Gigi Hadid and 
I’m fine with that! I’ve been working hard on my fitness recently – this year’s been about balance, moderation 
and acceptance and also 
trying to keep my curves exactly how I like them. 
But honestly, just before a shoot I get a great spray tan and make sure my hair looks good , and that’s about it.


So you don’t go on 
any crazy diets?

Oh no, pet! You need 
to keep your strength up and eat a good meal before a shoot – it’s much harder work than you’d 

Sometimes I have 
a glass of wine before 
a shoot. That’s what bodybuilders do – it’s 
called drying out. They do it 
to dehydrate their body, 
which means their muscles show more, but mine’s just 
a cheeky tipple. I won’t be 
doing any two-week 
Victoria’s Secret-style diets.

Which bit of your body do you like the most?

My boobs. I’ve got big boobs and I’m not ashamed of it. 
I think it’s 
quite feminine 
and I like that.

And what part of 
your body do you 
like the least?

In an ideal world, 
I’d like to have longer legs and less cellulite 
on the tops of my thighs. But it’s not the end 
of the world.

What does your fiancé John think of you doing sexy shoots?

It’s funny that, because I once put one of my calendar photos up on Instagram and his brother said: ‘That’s quite 
a busty one,’ and John was 
like: ‘No, I’m proud of her.’

I’m not walking around with my clothes off for men’s gratification; I’m walking around to celebrate my body and to encourage women 
to do the same. I’d never go topless, though, just to make that clear. That’s just for him.

Happy hump day everyone… Bodysuit by @annsummers Hair by my @heathmassihair Makeup @thebeautybom Tan @fakebakeunited

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You’re working with Ann Summers. Do they give you loads of freebie sex toys?

[Bursts out laughing] Oh my God! Well, yeah, they have given 
me some freebies 
in the past… I’m sorry, I’m actually 
in a car with John and I don’t think 
I can go into it 
in detail right now!

Oh, go on! Would you say you and John have a good sex life?

[Vicky keeps giggling] I’m not complaining. Me and John have a brilliant sex life.

Did you have any idea that John was going to ask you 
to marry him?

Not at all. I actually thought that he was going to finish with us! Honestly, it knocked me for six. In the weeks leading up to it, I’d been working loads. I was down south and John was very up north. We just couldn’t make it work and we couldn’t see each other – it was making me feel quite insecure.

As a typical woman, I was thinking: ‘What have I done? Is he not bothered any more? He’s going to finish with us!’ and I panicked. 
And then he went and proposed. I’m the happiest 
girl in the world right now.

You’ve spoken in the past about not wanting kids. Do you think that could change now that you’re getting married?

I was very honest last year about the fact that having children has never appealed 
to me. I’m scared of the very concept of being a mother. But since I’ve met John I think 
I’ve softened on a lot of things.

Marriage is going to happen for us, and we’re definitely going 
in that direction. We’ve had discussions and having a baby is now on the radar for the future, which is has never 
been the case before.

It's a t-shirt bra kinda day…. 🍒 @annsummers

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You’ve been working out 
like crazy lately and you 
look amazing. How do you 
stay committed?

Over the last couple of years 
my weight has fluctuated a lot. As a woman, you can see the changes. What shocked me 
was people’s reaction to it, in the media and on Instagram. Nobody wants to see unflattering images of themselves! It gave me a kick 
up the arse to get in shape again, though.

I truly believe 
in ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ and last year I was in a bad way. This year I made a conscious decision and an effort to put 
my health first. I decided to 
not take on as much work and to focus on things that are important to us, like training regularly.

I’m not a health fanatic at all – I like to have a life, but it’s all about balance and balance to me is going to the gym and training right.

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Have you toned down your partying recently?

I’m in Ibiza right now, so I can’t have totally! But in general, yes I have, lots. When our friends realised we were getting together, I think they thought: ‘Oh God, this is going to be the end of them!’, as we both like going out so much. But it’s 
been the opposite – we have an amazing social life, but it’s together and it’s a bit more chilled.

We find that the things we used to do separately were actually quite lonely. Last year I was going out all the time in big groups of people and, hand on my heart, I’ve never actually felt more lonely. You can be in 
a massive group of people but 
if they’re not the right ones you feel a bit stupid on your own.

I’m at my happiest when me and John go for a nice meal, a couple of drinks and then head back home with a funny film.

Be #UnapologeticallyYou…. @annsummers

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Would you have any more surgery in future?

No, I had my boobs done because there was no other option. When you lose a considerable amount of weight, you get left with empty flaps hanging off your chest. No amount of going to the gym 
or eating right could change 
my loose skin, so I had 
implants put in. But I 
wouldn’t do anything else.

Tell us about your new campaign with Ann Summers…

The campaign is to encourage girls to be body confident. 
Ann Summers has the widest range of sizes and cup sizes 
on the high street and they’ve put their money where their mouth is with this campaign.

We’ve got a beautiful array 
of models in all different 
sizes and shapes and we’re trying to encourage women 
to love their bodies and 
urging them to enjoy their shape, no matter what size they are. I think it’s such a lovely, positive message.

Vicky Pattison is Ann Summers’ first ever Body Confidence Brand Ambassador. The Unapologetically You collection is available in stores and online now