Former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has opened up about TOWIE Kirk Norcross' explosive Ex On The Beach exit

Oh, reality TV and love. It’s never a good mix, is it? There’s drama, tears, tantrums – or in Kirk Norcross‘ case – a total Mexican meltdown, which ended in him quitting Ex On The Beach. Poor Kirk.

But the woman who left him a broken man, Vicky Pattison, has leapt to her own defence saying that she ‘never went there to cause any trouble, or to hurt Kirk.’

To be fair to Vicky, drama seems to rear it’s ugly head wherever she goes, and that was exactly the case last week on her first episode of Ex On The Beach. 

But while Vicky seemed prepared for the inevitable, she’s suggested that Kirk didn’t seem as clued up.

‘Getting with people’s exes is the nature of the show – everyone’s crawling all over each other like dirty little hamsters! Kirk said he loved me, but I just think he’s a very sensitive lad. I’ll always care about him, but I never loved him,’ Vicky has said in her New! column.

‘I think he need to turn his back on reality TV now because he’s obviously not great at coping under pressure.’


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Thankfully, both Vicky and Kirk have moved on from their lover’s tiff on the show as Kirk is now engaged and expecting his first child with childhood pal, Holli Wills and Vicky is still going strong with fellow Ex On The Beach contestant, Stephen Bear. The pair have been inseparable since meeting on the show and things are going so well, he’s even met her parents up in Newcastle.

‘Everyone loved him,’ Vicky says. ‘Even my dad gave him the seal of approval!’


Lydia Southern