This is awkward!

Vicky Pattison has issued a heartfelt apology to 2003 Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus after some comments she made five years ago.

Vicky Pattison

The drama started when the Geordie Shore star shared a defiant message hitting back at cruel trolls who had mocked photos of her in a bikini during a trip to Mexico.


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But having seen the post, singer Michelle then shared her own social media photo, calling Vicky out on a news article which appeared in 2014.

The old post read: ‘There’s a Michelle McManus inside me dying to get out!’

‘Vicky Pattison gorges on pizza and chips despite her ‘constant fear’ of gaining weight.’

Michelle captioned the images: ‘Yes @vickypattison because you’ve never publicly body shamed anyone have you? Oh wait…’

While many fans were shocked by the post, 31-year-old Vicky has now been forced to speak out, insisting she ‘cannot apologise enough’.

She told the Daily Mail: ‘There are a lot of things I did five years ago that I’m not proud of.

‘And to be honest, I wouldn’t even recognise the girl I was back then.’

She then added: ‘I cannot apologise enough if my comments caused upset or hurt. I can guarantee even then it was not my intention, just my ignorance. I hope you accept my apology.’

This comes after former I’m A Celebrity winner Vicky shared a candid video of her bikini body yesterday, showing off her ‘rolls’ and ‘cellulite’ following some negative comments about recent paparazzi photos.

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Soooooooo, I’m sorry to whinge and have to post this but I’ve had about enough of shitty articles, online bullies, body shaming, trolling and negativity! And I’m hoping this will silence everything. Attending my sisters wedding yesterday was beautiful- but let’s face it, I’d have to be dead inside to not wonder about what was meant to of my future and feel a little sad and hurt. But none the less, I couldn’t have been happier for her and @dannya2008! The implication that I would somehow try and steal the limelight from her on her on her big day has hurt me so much. To add insult to injury I’m now being body shamed over some unflattering pap pics and I can’t believe we’re still on this hype in 2019. Anyway, watch the video, it’s all in there, I’m off to drink tequila and tell every woman I see that I think she’s smart, funny, pretty and important (the help styyylllleeeeee!!) LOL! I hope you all understand where I’m coming from here- and appreciate my honesty and are not just bored titless of my endless Instagram crusading 😂🙈😩 Sending love, lols and kindness from Mexico and hoping some of it reaches all trolls and tits a like 😂😍

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‘This is my body. I’m not perfect, but I don’t even know what perfect would look like,’ she said.

Vic then urged her followers to stop judging other people’s appearance, adding: ‘Please guys don’t do it, don’t body-shame, don’t troll. We’ve all got bits, curvy bits, wobbly bits, fat bits. Just love your bits.’