Vicky Pattison has opened up about her incredible weight loss- and it seems it wasn't complete plain sailing.

She may be your reason to put down that fourth jam tart, but it seems Vicky Pattison and her truly incredible weight loss wasn’t as smooth a ride as previously imagined.

The Geordie beauty might proving you really can look Photoshop fab without surviving on a diet of oxygen and ‘a cube of cheese when you feel like you’re about to pass out’ (Devil Wears Prada anyone?!), but a candid interview with The Mirror has shown the 27-year-old to have battled with a few demons along the way.

In fact, at her smallest weight (8 stone 4lbs) Vicky admits she became ‘a complete obsessive’ over her weight loss.

She explained, ‘I got to the point where I was even counting how many blueberries I ate for breakfast. I got to the point where I looked quite ill when I was at my lowest’.

According to Miss Pattison, her turning point was (of course) the universal saviour of Nandos- what would we do without that majestic spicy, spicy chicken people?! ‘One day I just woke. I realised how much I missed going out. I missed my friends… going to Nandos…I didn’t want to be like that forever’.

And the new ethos? Repeat after us…*moderation*. Vicks says, ‘I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation. Life is for living… [If] I had avocados for dinner every day, I’d be so miserable. Be good 70-80% of the time and for the rest, let your hair down!’.

Speaking of this bump in her road to dangerously peachy buns, Vicky says ‘If you get too caught up in that mentality, it can be detrimental…I never want to go back to how I was then’.

So with that being said, we’re so glad you’re happy and healthy now Vicks!

Alice Perry