Victoria Beckham hates leather look

For someone who prides herself on her pristine appearance, it comes as a comfort to know that even Posh can own up to a fashion blunder.

And the former Spice Girl, 32, admits she blushes everytime she thinks about the matching Gucci leather biker outfits that she and Becks wore to a Versace party in 1999.

‘It was the worst outfit I ever wore,’ she says. ‘Goodness me, that picture haunts me.

‘I don’t know where to start – with the hair or the actual outfit. It was probably everything. It was pretty horrible full stop.’

Victoria confessed her fashion faux pas as she spoke to US mag Women’s Wear Daily about her fashion brand DVB – which is expected to generate sales of £80million this year.

If Posh can so successfully bounce back from such a hideous look, there’s hope for us getting over our shell-suit glory days yet.

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