Victoria Beckham has been laying down the law for her eldest son Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham‘s 16-year old son Brooklyn Beckham is certainly growing up fast! He’s fast-becoming one of the most eligible young men both in London and Hollywood, so it’s no wonder that he’s been dating gorgeous French actress Sonia Ben Anmar, who is also 16. The loved-up couple have been spotted out on a date in Paris and Brooklyn took her to a gig in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago where he couldn’t have looked happier to have Sonia by his side.


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His mum VB is said to be a huge fan of Sonia’s and is even friends with her dad, film producer Tarak Ben Anmar. But if you think dating for Brooklyn is a walk in the park – think again! Both Victoria and husband David are very strict with Brooklyn and determined that he should behave like a gentleman. Just like any normal teenager, there’s no escaping those embarrassing parents and Victoria has apparently laid down the law with a rules which Brooklyn must follow if he’s to have a girlfriend…

  1. Brooklyn had to ask permission from Sonia’s family before he asked her out on a proper date.
  2. Date nights mustn’t go on beyond midnight.
  3. He must have his phone on him at all times, so he’s contactable when he’s out on a date with Sonia.
  4. Brooklyn can’t have more than one date night a week so he doesn’t get distracted from his studies.
  5. The Beckhams and Sonia’s family must all spend proper time together – probably over the Christmas period – so they can all get to know each other better.