What a talented lady!

Victoria Beckham has revealed a super surprising hidden talent that could’ve sent her down an entirely different career path.

Victoria Beckham

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The former Spice Girl recently opened up about her career plans before she rocketed to global fame in the nineties girl band on Sinéad Burke’s debut podcast, As Me with Sinéad.

Chatting all about her all singing all dancing past of attending theatre school, Victoria explained that her parents had urged her to sort out a back up career for if her goals of being in the spotlight didn’t work out.


The mum-of-four explained that she had qualified as a dance teacher ahead of her Spice Girls days, saying, “The amount of dancing shows that my poor parents have sat through. They were always there, they were such good parents and so present and so supportive of me.

“My mum actually made me qualify as a dance teacher after I finished theatre school because she said it was always good to have something to fall back on.”

Showing off her cheeky humour, VB went on to add, “So should anybody need any ballet lessons I’m available for private tuition.”

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Earlier this year, Victoria’s 14-year-old son Cruz shared a glimpse of her ballet skills when he posted a video of his mum dancing around in pointe shoes in the garden.

In the footage, the fashion designer can be seen prancing around on her toes, showing of her inner ballerina.

In the comment section, loads of fans of the Beckham clan praised Victoria.

Once a dancer, always a dancer. ❤️,’ one wrote.

So many talents,’ added another.