Posh doesn't want to be separated from her man

While pregnant Victoria Beckham says she wants husband David around for emotional support, insiders believe she may have an ulterior motive.

Posh was away on business last September when David visited a cheap massage parlour in Venice Beach and she’s said to be worried where he’ll hang out while she’s halfway across the world with the kids.

David’s just filed a legal document rubbishing former prostitute Irma Nici’s claim that she bedded him in 2007.

He gave a detailed account of where he was on the nights she claimed they were together.

In one part he said: ‘As is my custom when I arrive at a hotel before a match, a massage therapist came to my room to give me a massage until the very early morning.

‘My security team was with me before, during and after the massage.’

Sure, but why the early hours of the morning, Dave?

‘He’s a sportsman and there’s nothing unusual about this,’ says our source.

Victoria trusts David implicitly, but she’s upset he’ll be hanging out with friends while she plays “stay-at-home mum”.

‘Her obstetrician doesn’t want her taking chances by flying back and forth, so it’s a big dilemma.’

Read the full story about Victoria and David Beckham in Now magazine dated 31 January 2011 – out now!

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