Ex-Spice Girl says she's no actress

Victoria Beckham has admitted she’s a hopeless actress.

The former Spice Girl, 32 – who starred in Spice World – has laughed off rumours she is to launch a film career with a part in a Scientology movie produced by friend Tom Cruise.

‘It’s quite hilarious for two reasons,’ she says. ‘Firstly, you’ll never see me on screen again because I can’t act to save my life!

‘And secondly, although I get offered a few parts, I’d never do it as I wouldn’t want to wear anything the wardrobe department would put me in.

‘The only roles I would play would be myself or maybe Catwoman because I quite like the catsuit she gets to wear!’

Posh also rubbished rumours that Tom and Katie Holmes exchanged bizarre vows on their wedding day – with reference to ‘a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat.’

‘It was such a simple ceremony and really lovely,’ she explains.

‘I’ve read that they exchanged all these wacky vows but it was just, “Do you take her”, and, “Do you take him” – basic but gorgeous and not in the least bit weird.’