Could Victoria and David Beckham, and the cutest family in the world, be growing bigger?

Victoria Beckham is one busy lady – she’s a fashion icon, she’s designing a worldwide successful fashion label, and along with all that, she’s a doting mum to four mini Beckhams.

But the 41-year-old has revealed that there won’t be any more additions to the Beckham bunch as she said she’s ‘done her bit’ in terms of motherhood.

Victoria and husband David Beckham, already have four children: 16-year-old, Brooklyn, 12-year-old Romeo, Cruz, ten and Harper, three.

And despite being the cutest family ever (may we remind you of the family punting trip in Cambridge?), speaking at the CFDA Awards earlier this week, Victoria put straight any speculations that they won’t be getting a younger sibling.

‘They are a wonder to me every day. From a teenage son through to a toddler daughter, each moment of every day is filled with different energies, activities, feelings and a lot of comedy.’

Although she suggests she won’t be expanding the family, Victoria is go, go, go when it comes to expanding her fashion brand by adding a childrenwear line.

‘I want to get into shoes, menswear and childrenswear, I believe in dreaming big and that’s something I will continue to do’

But it’s not all about the Beckham bucks, as Vicky B wants everyone to be able to wear her designs. Even us mere mortals.

Speaking about her plans to work with a brand for people who can’t afford to splash out, she said: ‘I really want to make women feel great and empowered, even if they can’t or won’t pay designer prices.

‘When I see a stranger wearing one of my dresses I still get excited and will go up and tell her she looks great.’

Quick! Someone get us in a VB dress!

But what about that classic Posh Spice LBD – will we be seeing that in future collections? Or maybe some Spice Girls platforms?

‘They were bloody awful!’

We’ll take that as a, ‘no’ then.

Victoria hasn’t completely put her popstars days behind her though, as she recently watched 1998 CLASSIC, Spice World, with her kids. And they seemed to love it as much as we did.

‘They found it really funny, one of them was obsessed with the Spice Bus.’

So are we Victoria, so are we.

We’re going to reminisce and watch Spice World, and we hope you’ll Say You’ll Be There to join us! (we’re not even sorry).

Amy Lo