Star launches fashion website to coincide with new book

Victoria Beckham wants to make her fashion range available worldwide by going online.

The star’s website is now under construction and will be used to make her collections available globally.

A statement on the site says it will officially launch on 30 October, to coincide with the release of Victoria’s book on style, That Extra Half An Inch.

Victoria, 31, says: ‘I will make sure you are the first to know how my collections are developing, when exclusive pieces are available and all activity with my other business partners too.’

According to The Daily Mirror, the ex-Spice girl is ‘really enjoying’ her role as the creative director of the brand.

The star is poised to make a major transition from the world of entertainment to that of fashion.

She insists: ‘I’m doing something I’m actually very good at. I can confidently sit in a room with Donatella Versace or anyone in the business and be respected.’