Posh said to be offering advice following affair claims

Tana Ramsay has reportedly turned to Victoria Beckham for support following claims that her husband Gordon cheated.

Sarah Symonds, 38, alleges she had a 7-year affair with the 42-year-old chef, but he strongly denies this.

Posh, 34, is said to be helping Tana deal with the media scrutiny. Victoria went through a similar situation herself 4 years ago when Rebecca Loos claimed she had a relationship with her husband David, 33.

Posh may be thousands of miles away in LA, but she’s proved a true friend and her level-headed advice is just what Tana needs right now,’ a source tells the Sunday People.

‘She understands what Tana is going through and how you need someone a step removed to off-load all the frustration on.’

Tana, 33, and Gordon are parents to Megan, 10, twins Jack and Holly, 8, and Matilda, 6.

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