Posh says she's got a flabby tum

Now Victoria Beckham has chopped off her hair extensions, she may be thinking about working on her superslim figure, too.

She looks fantastic in clothes but Posh, 32, says she doesn’t like what she sees when she stands nude in front of the mirror.

‘I’ve got so much saggy skin on my stomach and I’ve got no bum at all,’ she tells the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. ‘I might fit into jeans but, trust me, I look really awful naked.’

She also confirms that she’s definitely given up her recording career. ‘I’m done with music,’ she says. ‘I was an OK singer and an OK dancer and I had to work at it.

‘I never want to act. Fashion is what I love. I’ve dreamed of doing my own clothing line even before I was a a Spice Girl.’

Victoria has designed her own handbags under the Samantha Thavasa label plus DVB jeans and sunglasses. The Beckhams’ fragrance Intimately Beckham was launched last month – and their relationship is back on track.

‘I think we are a very strong family,’ says Posh. ‘We love each other to pieces. You work things out if you really love someone.

‘It’s easy to give up and a lot of people do. But I look back now and see it has made me a stronger person.’