Posh adores sniffing her hubby's skin

Victoria and David Beckham are launching their new perfume Intimately Beckham Night but Posh likes nothing better than a sniff of unadulterated Becks.

‘The fragrance is a way of showing off our dark said,’ she says. ‘Obviously not many people see this side of us.’

Well, David’s potential dark side was well out there during his alleged affair with Rebecca Loos in 2004 – but now the Beckhams are all about family togetherness. Oh, and sex.

They’re very keen on promoting how very desirable they find each other.

‘I love the smell of David when he first wakes up,’ Victoria, 33, admits.

‘I love the smell of you, too,’ Becks responds.

Blimey, things are apparently still sizzling after 10 years together and three kids. That’s amazing.

If they’re bottled what they’ve got, we want it!

Intimately Beckham Night, from £19.50 for 30ml eau de toilette