As husband David comes to her financial rescue, Victoria wants out of the country

Victoria Beckham has been given a new lease of life with her fashion business, thanks to hubby David who injected more funds into the company last week.

But the despite his help, we can reveal Victoria isn’t happy, and has become ‘tired’ of the handouts.

So much so, that she now wants to leave the UK, in a bid to start a new ‘challenge’ overseas.

‘Victoria doesn’t 
like the idea of David having to help her out,’ a source close to the Beckhams tells Now.

‘She feels he has all the control and it’s worse now he’s bailing her business out with millions! She wants it to stop and thinks being abroad will be an opportunity to start something new.’

victoria beckham

Earlier this month, it emerged that David had given her company 
a £6.6 million cash injection and guaranteed loan of £4 million.


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The news comes after another company owned by David loaned Victoria Beckham Ltd £12.2 million.

The brand, founded in 2008, has only broken even in four of its financial years, with losses blamed on investments in ‘design, marketing and sales’.

The former Spice Girl, 44, thinks it’s to do with their current location in the Cotswolds, where they live with their four children.

‘She feels cursed in that house,’ continues the source. ‘David has been calling the shots for 20 years about where they live.’

In 2007, the family moved to California, as David signed a five-year deal with LA Galaxy.

They’ve since relocated to the UK, but with David, 43, launching his Major League Soccer team in Miami, he’ll be splitting his time between the UK and US. We’re told Victoria is feeling deflated by her own business ventures.

‘She needs something 
to focus on. She finds life 
in England quite dull,’ says 
our insider.

We hear the 
news hasn’t gone down 
well with David and apparently ‘he wonders 
when she’ll ever be satisfied’.

So, will VB make the move overseas, where she’s less well known, and find her next challenge without the prying eyes of the public? Or will she suck it up here in Blighty?

Only time will tell…