Posh Spice says she's really proud of her business

Victoria Beckham has revealed that her and husband David‘s perfume company is worth a whopping £109 million.

The firm has earned the huge amount just 2 years after it launched and Posh is confident it will continue to grow.

‘We’ve just had some great news from our fragrance business – it’s now worth £109 million and we haven’t even scratched the surface in America. That’s not including my jeans or sunglasses range,’ she tells The Sun.

‘Things are really positive for me and I feel so content. I feel proud of myself because I’ve worked for it and, let’s face it, I don’t have to.’

Victoria, 34, and David, 33, launch their new his and hers range Signature in New York this week.

Their first line, Intimately, went on sale in 2006.

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