Former Spice Girl admits fashion short-cuts

It was her classy bob and little black dress that inspired Victoria Beckham’s nickname Posh Spice.

But in her new book the 32-year-old admits her infamous slinky frock wasn’t Gucci – it was Miss Selfridge.

The former Spice Girl says: ‘In those pre-Spice Girls days, I was simply Victoria Adams. “Posh Spice” came about because of how I looked: the bob, the heels, the little black Gucci dress.

‘Except that it wasn’t Gucci. It was Miss Selfridge, and I’ve still got it, though it finally fell to bits from being worn to death.’

Victoria also says that, apart from on photo shoots, she has always picked out her own clothes because she couldn’t bear to let someone else have all the fun – even though she admits that on occasion she has made some disastrous choices.

‘The most cringe-making mistake was when David and I turned up wearing identical leather outfits at a Versace party,’ she says. ‘Not clever from any perspective.’

Posh’s fashion bible, That Extra Half an Inch is published by Michael Joseph on 30 October.