It looks like David and Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn is towering over his parents!

After a summer of fun and family time in America, the Beckham clan are heading back to our shores – yay!

Mum Victoria Beckham posted an adorable photo on Instagram this morning as she and David made their way through the airport with their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper and kindly let us know to expect their arrival. We’d best get the kettle on then…

‘It’s the end of the summer,’ Victoria, 41, captioned the snap.

‘we are coming home x missed you! X vb’

Awww, the UK missed you too, Vic! Whilst we’re obviously very excited about having the Beckhams back in Blighty, we’re kind of distracted right now by the fact that 16-year-old Brooklyn is suddenly REALLY tall.

Okay, so he’s standing on a hoverboard in this particular picture which kind of helps him to tower above the rest of the family. But he’s clearly still shot up like nobody’s business!

In fact we think that Brooklyn might actually have become taller than 40-year-old dad David, who stands at an impressive 6ft himself.

How did this happen? HOW?! We can still remember when Brooklyn was just a wee tot… *eyes glaze over during nostalgia fest*

The teenager has gained height over mum Victoria too. When the clan were snapped heading through LAX Airport on their way home yesterday, young Brooklyn walked behind the fashion designer but clearly towered above her. AND Posh had her heels on (obvs).

We think Brooklyn could have some competition on his hands in a few years though. Brother Romeo celebrates his 13th birthday today and looks like he’s shooting up too.

Meanwhile little Cruz, 10, and Harper, 4, have got a long way to go to catch up!

Some parents might go into denial about their beloved firstborn becoming an adult (sob) but it seems that David is aware of just how tall Brooklyn is becoming. Last week the former footballer posted a cute picture with his eldest child on Instagram and spoke of how he’s ‘not so little’ anymore. Er, you can say that again, Becks.

‘Something tells me I love this not so little man so much ……,’ David told his followers.

‘Growing up fast into a perfect gentleman and hiking buddy…. I love you big boy ❤️’

It’s good to know that no matter how tall Brooklyn gets, he’ll still be daddy’s boy!

See Brooklyn Beckham’s changing face in pictures…


Anna Francis