Following rumours that her marriage with David Beckham is on the rocks, Victoria Beckham puts her focus on humanitarian work.

As the tattoos on Victoria Beckham look like they’ve started to fade, it’s been claimed that she’s getting them lasered off. And as quick as wildfire, rumours started to fly around that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks because said tattoos are a tribute to hubby David Beckham.

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But the 41-year-old is responding too all the split rumours by, well, not responding to them.

Instead the mum-of-four has posted a pic on Instagram where she talks about her work with UNAIDS as she heads back to UNHQ.

‘We all want to be part of a world where no-one has to die from a disease that we can prevent and treat. We have to end the AIDS epidemic and we have to do it now!’

And she’s not the only one who’s been doing good in the world, as David Beckham has also addressed an open letter to world leaders for them to protect children from violence and abuse.

With the 40-year-old footballer being a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and having seen children suffering in Cambodia before, he spoke passionately about the issues.

‘Things have to change. It’s time for the world to come together and do more to actually prevent violence against children, not just respond to it when it happens.’

As well as ignoring any whispers that the power couple may split, a source has told Mirror Celebs that ‘it’s all rubbish.’

‘The family were together for seven weeks on holiday recently. It’s all rubbish.’

Not only that, but while Victoria’s been showcasing her talent all over New York Fashion Week, David’s been there by here side and front row the whole time.

The tattoos that are in question on Victoria Beckham include a Hebrew one running from her neck to her upper back, that says: ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’, as well as another Hebrew message saying ‘Together, forever, eternally’ on her wrist along with David’s initials.

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