Posh has done everything she can to conceive a girl

While fashion icon Victoria Beckham is telling friends she doesn’t mind what gender the baby is, we can reveal she was on a special diet to help her conceive a girl, switching her normal low-fat, no-carbohydrate diet for one high in fat with plenty of milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Victoria read a lot about what to eat to conceive a girl,’ says the source.

‘She cut out salt, smoked salmon and prawns, which she loves and craved while pregnant with Brooklyn. She’s done everything to improve the odds.’

Preggers Posh has also promised David she’ll take things easy with her fashion empire and our spy says she plans to give birth in the UK so that her parents Jackie and Tony can help out.

‘She wants her family nearby when she goes into labour,’ says the source.

Poor Victoria, 36, has been plagued by morning sickness, as she was during her previous pregnancies.

‘She actually lost weight in the first trimester,’ says our insider. ‘She couldn’t keep anything down.

‘When David was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October, Victoria was supposed to appear with him but she felt so wobbly she sat in the audience instead.’

While Posh said in 2002 : ‘I like giving birth. Oh, I love it’, doctors have told her she’ll have to have a fourth Caesarean.

‘They know it’s dangerous because of the scar tissue, but the fact that it’ll be more than five years since Cruz was born reduces the risk,’ says a pal.

‘She’s getting the best care and everyone’s looking forward to finding out the answer to the big question: girl or boy?’

Well if you trust the bookies, they currently have another son as the 4-6 favourite.

Sorry, Posh!

Read the full story about Victoria Beckham’s pregnancy in Now magazine dated 24 January 2011 – out now!

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