Victoria Beckham opens her first ever shop on London’s Dover Street in Mayfair today. And we are beyond excited! Here’s a cheeky peak inside...

From Spice Girl to fashion royalty, Victoria Beckham is opening her first shop today in London’s trendy Dover Street. And it’s as posh as you’d expect!

Fresh from wowing the Frow at New York fashion week, Victoria Beckham continues her quest for fash world domination with the opening of an exclusive boutique. But rather than making a big hoo-ha about it, the notoriously private Victoria remains very quiet about the whole affair.

‘I’m not about making a big song and dance of things,’ Victoria says. ‘You kind of have to come inside and experience it all for yourself.’

The 6,000 square foot space has switzy mirrored ceilings and stunning architectural features. But despite the hype, the shop maintains an overwhelming sense of calm – much like the woman herself! Mrs. Beckham‘s effortless style seeps from the very walls – a decision that Victoria had a definite hand in.

‘I really wanted people to get a sense of me the minute they walk through the door,’ Victoria says. ‘For the first time, it’s my designs, my vision. This is how I feel the clothes should be showcased, how I like them to be seen.’

The store is over three floors. The lower floor is for personal shopping while the upper floor homes the Victoria Beckham collection.

And mum-of-four Victoria has made it as child – and man – friendly as possible! There’s lots of space and a seating area to park your partner while you gawp, ahem, browse the clothes which hang from long chains. 

‘I don’t want an intimidating environment,’ she says. ‘We’ve all been shopping and felt awkward. I don’t want that’

She’s even ditched the cash tills! You just pay on an iPad. How very modern!

But although Victoria was fully involved in the design of her shop, she wasn’t so keen on the construction side and looking a bit Bob The Builder.

‘They didn’t want to tell me
to put on a hard hat, they just kept walking around with it. And eventually I
said, “Is that for me?” Honestly, I’d rather get hit over
the head! Let’s try and keep this chic!’

As our pics show, Victoria did wear the hard hat which will no doubt please health and safety bosses! And doesn’t she style it out?

The boutique – which has a classy and simple ‘Victoria Beckham‘ sign outside – will be selling accessories, the VVB and Denim collections, as well as her ready-to-wear line.


‘I think it’s important that women can actually buy what they see on the catwalk and what they’re seeing in magazines,’ Victoria says. ‘There are a
lot of people – the general public – who’ve continued on this journey with me,
and I want everybody to feel welcome, whether they’re going to buy something,
or whether they just want to come and check out the architecture.’

We’ll be there. Although our bank manager might confiscate our credit cards before we do!

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