Author says she ‘can’t abide’ Posh

Victoria Beckham is said to be fuming after author Marian Keyes publicly blasted her.

‘I can’t abide her,’ the writer said recently. ‘I hate her look. I hate her clothes. I hate her manicured square French nails. I hate her orange legs.

‘I hate her starved little body and her matchy-matchy shoes and bags. I hate the whole package.’

But now Posh, 34, is said to be keen to prove Marion, 44, wrong by scribbling her own novels.

‘Victoria hates being judged entirely for her image,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘Just because she likes to be well-turned out doesn’t mean that it’s all she is.

‘She has been bombarded with offers to write fiction based on her time in the Spice Girls and also, of course, as Queen WAG.

‘Anyone who knows her can appreciate she has a wicked wit. And the stories? Man alive she’s got some brilliant tales to tell.

‘Any book she writes will sell like hot cakes.’