Posh can't bear to be apart from Becks

Victoria Beckham has told her husband that she’s miserable while he’s away in Milan.

She misses him too much and feels it’s taking its toll on the family. Today is Cruz’s 4th birthday so Posh and Becks will be together – but not for long.

‘It’s killing her to be apart from David,’ a source close to the Beckhams tells Now. ‘She feels so alone without him in LA and the kids miss him.

‘She says it’s totally different when he’s away because he doesn’t walk in the door, lay out his things in the bedroom and leave his dirty washing folded neatly in a pile the way he used to. She even misses his smell. She hates the thought of him staying in a hotel on his own, too.’

Posh, 34, realises that their future may well be in Italy.

‘They’ve been discussing their options,’ says our source. ‘David’s had his people look into schools for their three boys in Milan, as well as things like breakdancing lessons for Cruz. They also want to ensure that other English boys will be there.’

See the full story about Victoria and David Beckham in Now magazine dated 23 February 2009 – out now!