Tom fails to win over Victoria Beckham when it comes to cult

Tom Cruise’s efforts to make the Beckhams Scientology’s newest recruits seemed to have failed.

Over the past year, Posh and Becks have become best of friends with the Hollywood actor and his wife Katie Holmes prompting rumours that he may try to sign them up to the cult.

But despite Tom constantly bending 31-year-old David’s ear about Scientology, Posh has put her foot down.

‘Tom spoke to David for hours about Scientology,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘He feels it could help to lift him out of the blues over his football career.

‘But Victoria is having none of it. She can’t see the point of joining something like that where you have to donate money.’

It’s nice to see that despite having mega-bucks, Posh, 32, hasn’t yet lost all touch with reality.

Perhaps she also had trouble swallowing Scientologists’ belief that 75 million years ago an alien dictator brought billions of aliens to Earth, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up, leaving their souls to stick to the bodies of humans…