Posh AKA Victoria Beckham is going to be at the Spice Girls 20th anniversary next year - she'll just be on the front row instead of on stage...

We all been waiting with baited breath to find out what the bleedin’ ‘eck is going on with the Spice Girls reunion for their 20th anniversary.

Would Posh be turning up with her pointy dancing finger to make it the complete five-some?  Well, YES. SHE. WILL!

According to the Sun, the 41-year-old designer had a ‘secret’ meeting with her former bandmate to inform her she won’t be joining her, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Mel B in 2016 to mark 20 years since their debut single ‘Wannabe’ and first album ‘Spice’.

A source told the paper: ‘Victoria met Geri recently to have an afternoon together reminiscing about old times.

‘Geri filled Victoria in on the plans for the reunion next year and while Victoria made it clear she couldn’t make it, she said she was more than happy for the other girls to go ahead. It’s wrong to suggest she would try to stop them doing it if the other girls wanted to.’

We all know VB is a very busy woman – four kids, a fashion empire, all those shoes to clean…  yada, yada –  so it’s thought she may not be able to commit to the reunion due to her busy schedule. But, thankfully Posh is adamant she’ll support her former bandmates every step of the way.

The insider explained: ‘Victoria also told Geri she would be at one of the shows, or maybe more, cheering from the front row.’

Meanwhile, Geri – AKA Ginger – confirmed last week the Spice Girls have had ‘talks’ about honouring the landmark date but insisted she would have to remain tight-lipped on the finer details – for now.

She said: ‘It almost feels you know that it (the Spice Girls) belongs to everyone, like a generation. So I think it’s [a reunion is] one of those things that’s been discussed, but until it’s concrete I wouldn’t announce it.’

We’ll just continue to listen Spice and watch SpiceWorld until that moment, then.

Lydia Southern