Victoria Pendleton can take anything Brendan Cole throws at her

Victoria Pendleton has revealed that Strictly partner Brendan Cole’s scare tactics don’t work on her at all.

The Olympic cyclist was warned that Brendan is famous for making almost all of his female partners cry, but Victoria finds his ‘hard man’ reputation highly amusing.

‘He’s a pussy cat. Sometimes he’s tried to get tough with me – I think he was trying different techniques to see what makes me tick,’ says Victoria, 32.

‘I asked him, “Is that you trying to be tough with me?” When he said yes, I had to tell him he wasn’t really cutting it.’

Victoria‘s been training hardas a sportswoman since her early teens it’s no surprise that Brendan’s firmness has little impact.

‘I’m used to having coaches shouting in my ear. Brendan’s calm in comparison,’ she tells Weekend.

‘The only time I’ve had to calm him down has been just before a show when he’s been so het up he’s bouncing off the walls.’

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