The best Oscars moments you missed while you were sleeping


The 87th Annual Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles on Sunday night. That much you know, right?

Perhaps you stayed up to watch the stars taking a turn on the Oscars 2015 Red Carpet? So far so stylish, right? But the chances are – we’re guessing at about 11.53pm – you decided that enough is enough: ‘Cripes I have WORK in the morning!’ and lumbered off to bed.

Well don’t panic. Not only have you bagged yourself some (oh-so-chic) shuteye, but Now HQ has whittled down the footage, saved you from some seriously dodgy acceptance speeches, a fair few even dodgier musical interludes and created the ULTIMATE Oscars 2015 Cheat Sheet, er, video.

First things first, the big awards went to: Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor for The Theory of Everything), Julianne Moore (Best Actress for Still Alice), Patricia Arquette (Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood), JK Simmons (Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash) and Birdman (Best Picture).

Now, have a watch of the ONLY extra things you need to know about the 87th Annual Academy Awards, below. Blag your way through all Oscar-related-chat all week long.

1. Someone Says: ‘Goid, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Shoulder, amirite?’

Shrug. Do NOT form an actual opinion until you’ve seen The Dress in question. People either loved or very-much-hated GP’s Ralph & Russo tissue corsage dress. ‘She’s wearing her own steamed vagina on her shoulder’ said some.

‘She’s an actual shoulder to cry on!’ LOL’d others. ‘She looks lovely in pink,’ said one person on Twitter.

Arm yourself for some lengthy #GwynethShoulder debate with the video below.

2. Someone Says: ‘Rosamund / Zoe / Scarlett [delete as appropriate]…’

Whhhhaaaa?! Stop. What do all these women have in common? You can do this!

Yes, they’ve just given birth – Zoe Saldana’s just given birth to TWINS! THREE MONTHS AGO! And yet, LOOK AT THEIR BODIES. Pictures are in the video, but seriously – there’s a reason why everyone’s banging on about the Bounceback Mums.

Check out Rosamund Pike at the Golden Globes in January, and again last night wearing Givenchy.

3. Someone Says: #FeministOscars (before chest bumping you)

High fives, serious props and a dusting of bonus kudos goes to Oscar Award Winner 2015 Patricia Arquette who used her acceptance speech as an excuse to highlight the gender pay gap. Hell, she got Now HQ whooping at 3.05am. She even got Meryl Streep on her feet! Fist pumps and chest bumps all round… Try that having conversation at the watercooler!

4. Someone Says: Little Red Riding Hood

Seriously, this happened. Reese Witherspoon got photobombed on the Oscars 2015 by the little red caped crusader herself. Was it a ghost? Was it a plane? Was it someone who’d got trapped under the actual red carpet? Suffice to say it gave us the heebie jeebies.

Will the real Little Red Riding Hood please stand up? Don’t just take our word for it, watch the video below.

5. Someone says: What was up with Bene*HIC* Cumbbberbafssssph!?

Benedict Cumberbatch may’ve missed out on an Oscar (sad, fit face) but he didn’t let that dampen his spirits. No siree! Making hip flasks hip since February 2015, Benedict saw the funny side of the Oscars. Have a watch and a LOL below.

6. Someone barks: ‘NOT QUITE MY TEMPO!’ at you – laughs – and throws a fist in the air

Don’t be alarmed. This is the result of Whiplash, the film, not the condition. Prepare to use the fist emoji like you have never used it before.

7. And if in doubt?

Just say: Red Red Reddy-Red-Red.

Rosamund Pike wore it, Solange Knowles, Sophie Hunter, Suki WaterhouseLady Gaga‘s hands wore it… RED was undoubtedly the colour of the night (and the carpet)

… And you know who else was, um, reddy? Eddie! Eddie Reddy Redmayne – aka hubba hubba hrnk hrnk – and winner of an Oscars Best Actor Award 2015.

If all else fails, just say Eddie Redmayne over and over until the next Oscars roll around.

Gilly Ferguson