Partying with the Kardashians may have been the best night of our lives – even though it lasted eight minutes. Watch the video and see what went down

The Now office went into meltdown last week when we received an invitation to meet the amazing Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

*Cue fangirl screams*

On Saturday night, we donned our best shirts, dresses and heels – though not too high because we wouldn’t want to jeopardise a selfie opportunity with tiny Kim – and headed to the Hairfinity London launch at Il Bottaccio to see the two girls who may possibly be our favourite people in existence.

Here are eight things we learned on the night…

1) The Kardashians seriously know how to throw a party
The event was everything we could have expected from a Kardashian bash: killer DJ set by Emily Rawson, flowing champagne, uber-posh nibbles and even a photobooth complete with wind machine to get the perfect Kim-esque snap. Well, it was a fan…

2) We weren’t the only ones fangirling – were we, Amira form Neon Jungle?
Yep, we caught Neon Jungle‘s Amira on camera getting really, REALLY excited about the Kardashian girls (trust me, you need to watch just to see the fangirl face). Her comment when we picked her up on it? ‘Oh my God, I love them so much! I can’t believe I got a selfie!’ Good work, Amira!

3) Ashley James loves them so much, she almost weed herself
No, seriously. Speaking to model Ashley just after the girls had left, she said, ‘I’m so sorry – I HAVE to go have a wee. I’ve been holding it because I didn’t want to miss the Kardashians!’

4) Kim and Khloe seriously do get MOBBED
As soon as the girls arrived, the room full of sweet fans and journalists all got their serious game faces on. There was screaming, pushing, elbowing – we think we even heard hysterical sobs at one point. It took Kim and Khloe approximately six out of the eight minutes to walk about five metres. Though we can’t pretend we weren’t part of the hysteria, as exemplified by our Josh‘s selfie with Khloe! *Screeeeeams*

5) But there was one barman who wasn’t so impressed
‘I spoke to them earlier and it was quite boring. All they talked about was hair!’ he said. Erm, send them our way next time, love!

6) Nick Grimshaw can’t resist the DJ decks
Radio 1’s Nick attended the party and before we knew it, he was up behind the decks chatting to the DJ and basically sticking his oar in. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, Grimmy!

7) Kim and Khloe‘s London looks were FABULOUS
Kim turned up in a nude crop top and long cape-style coat, flashing her killer abs; while Khloe opted for a classic LBD that showed off her long, toned legs. Next stop for us today: Kardashian Kollection shopping, obviously.

8) We probably had the best eight minutes of our lives
Yep, we love them that much. All hail the Kardashians!

Check out our video to get all the Kardashian party goss


Kim Gregory and Joshua Fox

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