Watch this hilarious video of Cheryl Cole taking part in 2007’s Comic Relief Does The Apprentice, featuring Ashley Cole

My, my how things have changed!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this video of Cheryl Cole taking part in The Apprentice back in 2007. She looks different, sounds and acts different, and ex-husband Ashley Cole is even along for the ride!

The show saw a host of celebs, including Jo Brand, Trinny Woodall, Piers Morgan and a very young Mrs Cole, take on a classic Apprentice task to raise money for charity.

In the video, our Chezza can be seen close to vomiting as she’s tasked with gutting and cleaning fish BY HAND – something we doubt The X Factor star would be seen doing these days.

‘This is my idea of hell,’ Cheryl whimpers into the camera, before putting on a huge fake grin when another contestant looks over to see how she’s coping. ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe what I’ve just seen… It’s making us feel quite nauseous. I can’t even bare to look at it.’

And the rest of the vid is just as hilarious and shocking. Check out our top 5 Cheryl-takes-on-The-Apprentice-and-totally-wins moments:

1. When Trinny Woodall claims the Orbitron fairground ride is ‘shit’, and council-estate-Cheryl seems personally offended, claiming, ‘Not everyone thinks the Orbitron is shit, a lot of my friends go on it when we go to the town fair!’ Well, we’d love to see the glamorous X Factor judge enjoying a thrill-ride at her local fair these days!

2. When Cheryl uses her impressive showbiz phonebook and Geordie charm to bag loads and loads of cash from husband Ashley and Mr Simon Cowell himself:

Cheryl, on the phone: ‘Others have donated between £1,000 and £10,000…’

Simon Cowell: ‘I think we can do a bit better than that. £25,000!’

Cheryl: ‘Awww Simooon! Oh my God!’

Cheryl: ‘Babe. We’ve just spoken to Simon Cowell, he’s giving us 25 grand.’

Ashley Cole: ‘Has he? Alright, I’ll give it a bang.’

3. When Cheryl opts for office work to get out of further fish gutting, but claims to need help ‘mentally functioning’:

Cheryl: ‘[Surrounded by papers wearing grey beenie hat and checking her phone] God almighty. Wow, I feel tired. Do you know what I think it is, it’s more menta… mentally draining isn’t it?’

Trinny: ‘Why don’t you have some Red Bull?’

Cheryl: ‘Oof, that reminds me of a night out…’

4. When Cheryl gets fed up of Trinny bossing her around in the office (‘Really do the breathing – you’re not doing it right!’) and turns on the Chezza sarcasm: ‘Have you got a touch of that OCD, do you think?’

5. When Cheryl saves the day AGAIN by inviting all her celeb buddies to the fairground, to bring in crowds. There’s Girls Aloud on the carousel, Take That on the dodgems and McFly on the Orbitron. Now that’s one Orbitron we’d be going on…

Cheryl, we think you need to make a surprise appeareance on the new series of The Apprentice – looks like you could teach them all a thing or two (or at least pass them your phonebook…)

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 Kim Gregory