See the Big Brother star dress up as the beehived diva

Jade Goody is relieved that Now readers appear to have forgiven her for her unpleasant behaviour on CBB this year.

‘It’s nice to hear I’m not hated anymore,’ she says with a cackle, ‘so thanks for welcoming me back to your magazine.

‘I was a bit scared to come to meet you as Jade, so I’m gonna be Amy today! In fact, Jack’s nickname is Blake. When I text him it’s: “Blake, when are you coming round? Love Amy.”‘

Jade, 26, admires Amy Winehouse and loved dressing up as the diva.

‘I met her briefly at school and I really like her,’ says the mum-of-two, ‘but I think she just needs a bit of help. A lot of help.

‘I’m a bit obsessed with Amy. Since I’ve discovered I can sing like her, that’s it, I think I’m her.

‘I’m not blowing my own trumpet and I’m no Mariah Carey, but I’ve got quite a talent.’

It would interesting to get Amy’s take on that…

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