Singer reveals Faye isn't the slightest bit jealous

Shayne Ward says his girlfriend Faye loved the uncut version of his steamy music video for No You Hang Up – despite the fact it was deemed to raunchy for TV viewing.

The singer’s promo had to be censored before it was released because of its explicit sexual content – and even Shayne admits that parts of it were ‘unsuitable’ for younger fans.

On screen Shayne, 23, seduces a gorgeous brunette in bed – but Faye didn’t mind a bit.

‘She loved it,’ Shayne says simply.

‘People don’t believe me when I tell them. When she watched it, obviously you’re expecting a reaction and I asked her if she liked it and she said, “I love it”.’

Shayne jokes that when he does nip back to Manchester, he and Faye have no trouble keeping their passion alive.

‘Being separated is hard on anyone’s relationship,’ he tells Now Online.

‘But the more we’re apart, the more excited we get when we see each other. I have her treat me because it’s always me that treats her!’

Shayne’s new album Breathless is released on the 26 November.

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